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Nigeria is a multi-ethnic country in West Africa. It borders Benin to the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north. Nigeria is known for its rich culture, having over 259 ethnic groups spread across 36 states. Nigeria is also known for holding certain titles and to name a few; it is the most populated country in Africa; has the longest bridge in Africa; the second largest movie industry in the world; and Africa’s biggest economy. The country attracts a lot of expatriates, investors, and tourists who all travel for the numerous economic opportunities and tourist attractions available in the country.


Visiting Nigeria

There are several international airports serving different states in Nigeria. The busiest one, which is also one of the busiest in Africa, is the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos. This is where most international flights arrive and depart from. The most popular means of transportation in the country is by road. There are many road transport operators serving various destinations in the country using luxurious buses. There are also bus parks from where public buses can be boarded to any location in the country.


5 Star Hotels In Nigeria

Nigeria has a couple of five star hotels, some of which are even part of an international chain of hotels. These include the following top rated hotels.


Federal Palace Hotel

This is an elegant hotel that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and offers its guest excellent hospitality, exquisite dishes, and breathtaking room options.


Sheraton Lagos Hotel

This is another of Lagos’ elite hotels that offers you great reward for your money. Sheraton Lagos Hotel offers guests exquisite dining experience and a whole lot of recreational activities onsite.


Sheraton Abuja Hotel

This is a premium hotel in Abuja that has a lot of leisure inclined facilities and standard classy rooms to meet the needs of both business and pleasure travellers. The onsite casino and shopping arcade are guests’ favourites.


Eko Hotel And Suites

The popular choice for National events, conferences, and shows, has amazing room options and offers guests an astonishing view of Kuramo Beach and the Atlantic Ocean.


Intercontinental Hotel

Situated on the waterfront of Lagos’ Victoria Island, this hotel offers its guests luxurious rooms of architectural masterpiece. It is ideal for every traveller, business or pleasure.


Lagos Oriental Hotel

Munched between two luxury areas in Lagos, Lekki and Victoria Island, Lagis Oriental Hotel is in proximity with various business and tourist attractions. It offers its guests premium rooms with Asian furnishing.


Tips For Choosing A Luxury Hotel

Although choosing a 5 star hotel in Nigeria is not as difficult as other places like Dubai, it is still necessary to put some things into consideration. Travellers should consider the hotel’s proximity to their sites of primary interest. There should also be an adequate knowledge of what the hotel has to offer in terms of unique services that will complement a traveller’s stay.


Attractions In Nigeria

Nigeria is home to a lot of unique tourist attractions including ancient landmarks, cultural sites, parks, and so on. Here’s a few of the popular places of interest.


Yankari Game Reserve, Bauchi


Kajuru Castle, Kaduna


Millenium Park, Abuja


Idanre Hills, Ondo


Gashaka Gumti


Obudu Mountain Resort


Olumo Rock, Abeokuta


Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos


Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort, Ekiti


Ado Awaye Suspended Lake


Dala Hills, Kano

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You get unique benefits when you build a duplex house in Nigeria.

Benefits of building a duplex home in Nigeria include:

1. Privacy - You enjoy complete privacy when you build a duplex or live in one

2. Control - In a duplex house, only family members have access to facilities upstairs. Visitors and guests are often restricted
to ground floor of the duplex. That is control!

3. Great View - A duplex home gives you a great view of your neighbourhood especially when you're on the upper floor. You enjoy nature free of charge.

No wonder duplexes are so popular in Nigeria!

Unfortunately, duplex buildings take time to build.

For example, experts recommend that builders allow anywhere between 3 to 5 weeks drying time for the concrete decking of the upper floor of the duplex.

5 weeks! That is a pretty long time to wait!

This means that the entire building from start to finish can take as much as 3 - 4 months (or 12 - 16 weeks) to complete.

Guess what.

Not everyone has the heart to wait that long to see their dreams of having a duplex of their own come true.

In fact, one potential customer had fear of building a duplex for that singular reason. She said, "I really want to build a duplex house. But I just can't wait 3 months for the house to be completed".

Are you that kind of person?

Do you want your duplex home delivered fast?

If yes, then we have good news for you.

We Can Build You A Duplex
In 30 Days or Less!

Is that a joke?

Of course not! We are NOT comedians!

So, who are we?

We are a prefab building construction company based in Lagos Nigeria.

We build portacabins and prefab buildings for customers all over Nigeria.

We build portacabins and prefab buildings like . . .

  • Prefab duplex
  • Prefab school
  • Prefab warehouse
  • Prefab clinic & hospitals
  • Prefab student hostel

. . . and other categories of prefab houses. And we build them pretty fast.

Bottom line.

We're not kidding when we say we will complete your prefab duplex home in 30 days or less.

We are a serious prefab construction company. Our customers are extremely important to us.

Yes, we really can, and are prepared, to build you a duplex anywhere in Nigeria in 30 days or less.

Want your duplex building ready in 30 days or less?

Click HERE to order a prefab duplex and our construction team will deliver your duplex building in 30 days or less.

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Welcome to the best home business income opportunity in Nigeria.

If you are looking for a great home based business opportunity that allows you to work from home and earn fat cheques, then this is it. You don't have to look any further.

Wait. Why is this the best home business income opportunity in Nigeria?

It's because it's the simplest and most lucrative home business opportunity you will find in Nigeria.

This business opportunity has the following benefits:

  • It's a business you can start and run part-time or full-time
  • You do not need to employ sales staff or any staff for that matter
  • You run your business using your computer and internet connection and
  • You get paid weekly

This is indeed the best home business income opportunity in Nigeria!

There is more.

Since this great home based business opportunity is an internet based income opportunity, you can take the business with you wherever you go.

This means you can join this business opportunity anywhere you are in Nigeria.
It also means that when you travel from one state or city to another, you carry your business with you . . . on your computer!

There is something else that makes this income opportunity the best home business income opportunity in Nigeria.

What is that?

It's the level of monthly income possible.

How much can you make per month with this great home based business opportunity?

A lot.

Let me explain.

Great Home Based Business Opportunity - How Much Can You Make?

So, how much can you earn per month from this home based income opportunity?

There is no limit on the income you can earn per month or per year. There is no income cap. You're paid what you earn no matter how big it is.

portable cabins for sale lagos nigeria africa

For example, some people earn $400 per week, others $1000 per week and still others over $10,000  per week. The more sales you generate the more you earn.

No fixed income here!

Best of all, you get paid on your personal performance and the performance of your team. This means you get an opportunity to earn much more than you can earn on your own.

Here's the really interesting part.

This home business opportunity is a low startup income opportunity. That means that the startup capital is low.

Yes, this is a low risk, high profit potential business!

My advice?

Don't beat about the bush looking for something that doesn't work.

Instead, join this great home based business opportunity in Nigeria.

How do you join?

Simply fill the form below.

P.S: The start-up capital for this business is =N=142,000. Don't bother filling the form below if you don't have the start-up capital

P.P.S: Remember that this is a business. Therefore, what you will depend on your creativity, perseverance, determination and leadership and selling skills. Success doesn't happen by accident! You need to put in the work to earn the money!

Fill the registration form below if you have the start-up capital and you're ready to put in the work required to make your financial dreams come true.

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Get Lifetime Commission. Get Fat Cheques. Make Money Big Time.

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Erimama Investment Company Ltd training affiliate program Lagos Nigeria - We are an internet business consulting firm that offers online business training to individuals, students and employees of organisations in Nigeria.

The good news is this . . . we have launched a training affiliate program to recruit direct sales associates to market the training services of the company.

These direct sales associates are called . . . affiliates.

Affiliates of Erimama Investment Company Ltd receive a share of the training fee paid by training participants they refer to the business. The share affiliates receive is called commission.

Here's another good news . . .

Erimama Investment Company Ltd pay affiliates lifetime commission.

What does this mean?

It simply means that once you refer a paying customer (or course participant to us), you get a commission every time that customer buys from us (or attends any training organized by the company).


What is this training program all about?

The Online Business Training Offered By Erimama Investment Company Ltd

Erimama Investment Company Ltd offer a fast-track internet business training program that empowers anyone, young and old, to build a hobby or business website based on his or her hobby, interests, or experiences.

Guess what.

Participants of this online business training program will get their business or hobby website up . . . on the internet . . . within 72 hours. And the website will be built by them during the training period and through the guidance of our expert instructors.

This internet business training is 100% practical training.

Each person who attends this online business training will leave the training with all the knowledge passed on by the expert instructor plus a website of their own . . . a web business they can continue to nurture and expand with the knowledge they acquired from the training.


What is the value of having an internet business?

It's pretty straightforward.

When you have an online business (or internet business), you generate income from home using your website that you access via your computer.

In simple words . . . when you register as a member of our training affiliate program, you give people a unique opportunity to start and run an online business of their own . . . an opportunity to make money from the internet.

Remember . . . we offer lifetime commission to individuals and organizations that promote our online business training services.

This is true residue income business because we pay our affiliates commission for life and affiliates can easily get repeat purchase.

This is one way Erimama Investment Company Ltd is empowering adults and young Nigerians to break free from the shackles of poverty and become financially independent.

Would you like to help more Nigerians become financially independent by helping them start a home based internet business of their own?

Then join the Erimama Investment Company training affiliate program and promote our internet business training services.

What You Earn From This Lifetime Commission Training Program

Participants of this online business training program pay 145,000 Naira for the training.

What commission do you get?

You get 10,000 Naira as commission for each participant you refer to the training.

This means that if you refer 10 people (or 10 paying participants) to the training, you will be paid 100,000 Naira.

If you refer 100 people to the training (say, 25 people per week for 4 weeks) in a particular month, you will earn a whooping =N=1,000,000 Naira commission in that particular month in question.

Dead simple, right?

Just tell people in your target audience about this course, introduce them to us, and ensure they register. You get paid when they pay for and attend the course.

Dead simple.

How To Get Repeat Purchase And Fat Commissions

How do you get repeat purchase and fat commission from this training affiliate program?

It's obvious that someone who has attended the training once may not be inclined to attend a second time.

so, how do you get repeat purchase and fat commission from this training program?


Market to schools and organizations with a large pool of potential training participants.

For example, you can market the course to secondary schools, polytechnics, Universities, and other tertiary institutions.

Students are looking for a way to make more money and live bigger in the hostels. And some are worried about what will happen to them when they graduate from school and there is no white collar job.

This online business training program solves that problem by helping them create an online business of their own that generates income for them even while still in school.

When they graduate from school they will never have to worry about getting a job because their online business will pay the bills.

Guess what.

Once a few people from the school you recruit attend the course and fall in love with it, they will spread the word about the course and more of their peers will want to attend, like a status symbol.

So, how does this benefit you?

This is how it works.

Every school you register with Erimama Investment Company Ltd becomes your territory, your institutional customer.

Therefore, when anyone from that school registers for the online business training course, you get paid the commission due you.

For example, if 10 students from the school (that is, secondary school, polytechnic, or University) you register with us attend this course every week, you will get 100,000 Naira every week.

If 20 people attend this course every week, you will get 200,000 Naira every week. And you will continue to receive this commission every week as long as people from that school keep attending the course.

Now suppose you add another school.

Your commission gets even bigger every week and every month.

This is residual income business at its best!

Know the proprietor or proprietress of a secondary school? Know a lecturer, dean, or faculty head in a tertiary institution?

This is the time to use your connection to kick-start your residual income business.

Remember . . . this referral business, the Erimama Investment Company training affiliate program, continues to pay you month after month whether you do anything extra or not.

As long as the schools or organizations you have registered with us keeping sending training participants, you keep getting your commission.

Bottom line.

You get lifetime commission! You get commission for life!

Want to profit from the Erimama online business training program?

Simply fill the form below to join the training affiliate program and earn lifetime commission.

This training affiliate program is FREE to join . . . you pay nothing to join. And you can make really quick cash . . . easy money . . . if you market this internet business training course to the right audience.


Just fill the registration form below to become a member.

P.S: Anyone who can write a simple letter and type it in a computer qualifies to attend this course. No degree is required. No special skills are required. The instructor will teach participants how to build a popular and profitable business or hobby website. And each participant will create his/her website during the training.

P.P.S: Course duration: 3 days; Course fee: 145,000 per attendee; Commission per paying client referred = 10,000 Naira.

P.P.P.S: The training is in two formats . . . week-day training and weekend training. Week-day training is Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9am - 3pm each day. Weekend training is for 3 Saturdays, 9am - 3pm each Saturday.

Fill the form below to become one of our partner-in-sales and earn fat commissions.

P.S: This in-house affiliate program has been replaced with the more lucrative international health and wellness business opportunity with operations in more than 50 countries of the world. This health and wellness business opportunity has the potential to make you as much as $25,000 USD per week. Fill the simple form below to learn more.

NOTE: You need =N=142,000 to start the health and wellness brand partner business. Do not bother filling the form below if you do not have the capital to start.

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Vacancy for manufacturers representatives - A manufacturer of portacabins in Nigeria has vacancy for independent manufacturers representatives.

This Lagos Nigeria based portacabin manufacturer is looking for established business owners (and individuals with connections in high places) to become
its independent business representatives.

What do these independent company representatives do?

These independent business owners who have existing supplier relationships with blue chip companies use their relationship (and connections) to win portacabin, prefab building, and steel building construction contracts and this prefab building company based in Lagos will manufacture the portacabins or steel buildings for them.

In simple words . . . independent manufacturers representatives buy portacabins and prefab buildings from this Lagos based portacabin manufacturer at rock bottom price, add their margins, and then sell to their customers at whatever price they wish.

Who Can Become An Independent
Representative Or Super Dealer?

Independent manufacturers representatives are also called super dealers or independent distributors.

So, who can become a super dealer?

To become a super dealer, you must . . .

1. Have capital to invest and

2. Have a piece of land (bought or rented) where you can install at least one portacabin for display to your potential customers

So, how much do you need to become a super dealer for these made in Nigeria portacabins?

You must have enough money to buy at least one portacabin.

The portable cabin manufacturer expects any company (or individual) who wishes to become a super dealer or independent distributor to at the very minimum
order a 2.4m by 2.4m portacabin for showcasing what he is selling to potential customers.

However, from experience, we can tell you that you will get the greatest impact (and likely close more sales) if you have a 20ft portacabin or 40ft portacabin on display before potential clients at your showroom. Your story will be even more convincing when you have several portacabins on display.

What do the portacabins cost and what discount can super dealers expect to get?

Manufacturers representatives get special discounts. You will get the company price list and the special discount percent when you fill and send the super dealer application form below.

When you signup as a super dealer or independent business representative, you give yourself an opportunity to rake in plenty of cash.

As a super dealer or independent distributor . . .

1. You can set any profit margin you want. You buy from the company at a price and sell at any price you want.

2. You have your own showroom or display location. You do not send your customers to the company. That means you get to retain your customers and sell to
them and profit from them over and over again.

3. You do not get involved with the messy business of manufacturing. You get the orders and the company manufactures for you.

4. The company stays anonymous. The company simply manufactures for you and you sell to whoever you wish.

This is simply amazing!

Looking for a business opportunity where you're completely in-charge and where you rake in plenty of cash?

This is it!

Simply fill the form below to start your journey to becoming a super dealer for made in Nigeria portacabins, steel buildings, and prefabricated homes.

P.S. You need a minimum of two million Naira (=N=2 million) to become a super dealer. Do not bother to apply if you do not have at least =N=2 million to invest. Instead, we recommend you join our health and wellness home business income opportunity.

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